Nov 2022

U.K. Researchers Launch Study Exploring Weed’s Effects on the Brain

A new study to be completed by researchers in the United Kingdom will explore how cannabis affects the human brain.
Nov 2022

Senate Sends Marijuana Research Bill To Biden’s Desk

U.S. Senate approved House-passed bipartisan cannabis research bill on Wednesday. It marks the first time a standalone piece of marijuana reform legislation has ever been sent to the president’s desk.
Oct 2022

10 must-read weed and psychedelics books

It’s National Book Month! Yes, that’s right, a whole month dedicated to one of the greatest, most time-honored activities – reading! It’s the perfect excuse to crack open the pages of a new book and learn something new about cannabis or psychedelics. Below, discover ten of the best books for weed and psychedelics lovers over the last decade.
Oct 2022

NBA won't test players

NBA Won’t Test Players For Marijuana For Third Season In A Row. For the third season in a row, the National Basketball Association (NBA) will reportedly not be randomly testing players for marijuana—a policy that insiders expect could become permanent.